I have always been the restless type and wanted to be creative with my hands. So one day after work sitting at home tired after work I started playing around with some cardboard boxes and some magnets. I really just wanted to do something that me, my wife and my two kids could play together and share as a family.

The result was KLASK and after showing the games to some friends from work – I was working as a carpenter at the time, so we usually had a after hours drink and shared some laughs after work – I decided to contact Tuborg, one of Denmarks biggest breweries. They loved it, placed a big order – and suddenly I was standing at home in my own garage making the games, while my wife, parents and even parents-in-law was helping out packing them. It became a family project. We were sewing our own bags for the game pieces.

Now being sold all over the world. See more on www.klaskgame.com